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We congratulate with our friends Pietro de Tilla, Guglielmo Trupia and Elvio Manuzzi, whose debut Atelier Colla has been selected for the next edition of LIDF.

Enjoy and support this film on its English première!

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What's next? →

The Kickstarter page curated by Filmmaker Magazine recommends projects that need your help.

From films to photography, from web-series to technology, get ready to support what’s…next.

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I have seen the light. John Belushi (24th January 1949 - 5th March 1982)

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African-American Animators →

Leo Sullivan

As suggested by Cartoon Brew, a Facebook community dedicated to the history of African-American animation. Explore the gallery and meet the many talents of past and present.

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Mateo Gil’s Blackthorn receives four Goya Awards. A twilight western with Sam Shepard, presented for the first time in Italy during Milano Film Festival. Butch Cassidy is alive, and kicking.

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There’s a new place in town

Il Piccolo Cinema

Fresh from its inauguration, Il Piccolo Cinema is something more than a theatre. A chance to meet people and ideas, to see and discuss, an anti-academic school of cinema. If you happen to be in Turin, pay a visit to this extra-ordinary place.

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To all Midnight lovers…

V / H / S

From zombies to astro-nazis, from soy-sauce drugs to hautings and possessions, the Midnight line-up of SXSW is now revealed!

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When Cinema meets resistance

Magyar Filmszemle 2012

After 43 years of history, a very different edition of Hungarian Film Festival is about to start. Facing a lack of State financial support, the whole Hungarian cinema goes on, with a truly independent Festival that stands up against the growing authoritarianism of Premier Viktor Orbàn.

Support free culture, support resistance!

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Postcards from HERE: 01

Braden King’s feature film HERE will be the opening film of Milano Film Festival, Friday 9th September at 9pm, Teatro Strehler.

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